About Us

Great Aid Group has four companies having different activities in different fields.

 The  companies are :


1.       Great Aid Marketing (P) Ltd

2.       Great Aid Technical Services (P) Ltd

3.       Great Aid Projects (P) Ltd

4.       Great Aid Healthcare (P) Ltd.

The first two companies namely – Great Aid Marketing (P) Ltd and Great Aid Technical Services (P) Ltd are dealing with Medical Health Care Items since inception. The said company was established in the year 1989.

Coming back to the Medical companies of Great Aid Group we mention further that –

Great Aid Marketing (P) Ltd, Great Aid Technical Services (P) Ltd and Great Aid Healthcare (P) Ltd are the dealers of  :

1.         M/s. Agfa Healthcare India (P) Ltd

2.         M/s. GE Healthcare  (P) Lt

3.         M/s Wipro GE Healthcare (P) Ltd

Great Aid Marketing (P) Ltd is taking care of Government business and Great Aid Technical Services (P) Ltd is taking care of Private Business , excluding drug related items, particularly where M/s. Agfa Healthcare India (P) Ltd is concerned. Business of equipments & instruments are carried out by M/s Great Aid Healthcare (P) Ltd. We are the No.1 dealer of M/s. Agfa Healthcare India (P) Ltd. We are presently looking after Delhi, NCR, Western UP, Haryana ( Panipat, Sonipat, Karnal, Hissar, Rohtak, Sirsa).

 We are an “ ISO 9001 and 2008” quality management system approved company. The laid down norms are adhered strictly and our companies sticks to the business ethics.

 The strength of the company is its trained, qualified and dedicated staff. In sales and marketing alone we have around 30  staff and in total around 42 staff.

The other companie namely – Great Aid Projects (P) Ltd is dealing with Coal based Power Plants.

Great Aid Projects (GAP) was incorporated in the year 2003.  GAP deals with all Government, Central Government, State Government and Public Sector Undertaking of the Thermal Power Plant Business. The specialization of GAP is in arrangement of joint venture, technology transfer collaboration, marketing strategies and sale of equipment etc.